Parand International Group is the largest and only specialized holding in the field of value chain of herbal and natural products in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Parand Aromatic Plants Company, as a national sample exporter, started operating in 2009 with the approach of planting, producing, processing and exporting medicinal and aromatic plant products in a healthy and organic way to the countries of the European Union and the United States. Due to the increasing tendency of the owners of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries around the world to use natural raw materials of plant origin in the production of their products, Parand Company, with the attitude of the needs of global markets, produces and processes plant products, extracts , Essential oils, natural flavorings, and medicinal and aromatic plants under an organic management system.

One of the most important products of this company is the production of raw materials used in the tea and herbal drinks industry. Parand Company, after 12 years of professional activity and employing nearly 150 specialized and young personnel in its collection, is currently producing more than 50 export products and more than 100 domestic products in Khorasan Razavi province (Kashmar city). One of the sales offices of this company is located in Germany, Berlin and its products warehouse with 20 German staff for re-export in Hamburg and the other sales office of this company located in Tehran with 10 staff for domestic sales. One of the most important achievements of Parand Company in order to export and sell Iranian medicinal plants in world markets, has been to raise the quality level of these products compared to the traditional attitude of producing these products in the past decades by using integrated research and development management system. With double efforts, this company was able to introduce an excellent level of quality of such products to the world markets and as an Iranian-German company, it surpassed its Egyptian, Chinese, Indian and Argentinean commercial competitors in the international arena.

Parand International Group, with the mission of producing healthy and organic products for its domestic and foreign customers, tries to help improve the healthier lifestyle of its audience by providing the best quality products, and in this way does not hesitate to improve its quality and services.


  • Obtaining the title of national sample exporter in 2015 and 2019

  • Obtaining the title of provincial sample exporter since 1392 until now

  • Acquiring the title of the youngest exporter and top entrepreneur in 2015

  • Acquiring the title of the country’s top entrepreneur in 2017

  • Obtaining the title of farmer and producer of samples of medicinal plants since 2009