Licorice Root

شیرین بیان

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice extract, derived from the root of the licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra), is a versatile product with widespread applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. This extract is highly valued for its high content of glycyrrhizic acid, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a sweetener.

Licorice Root Stick

The Licorice Root Stick, is one of the natural and raw forms of licorice extract, which is directly obtained from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. This product is presented as long, dried roots that have been cut into small sticks and is typically used for medicinal purposes and in beverage preparations.

Licorice Root TBC

Licorice Root TBC, where “TBC” stands for “Tea Bag Cut,” refers to licorice root that has been cut into small, uniform pieces ideal for use in tea bags or herbal tea infusions. This cut size is specifically designed to steep quickly and efficiently in hot water, releasing its flavor and aroma effectively.

Licorice Root Cutted

The product “Licorice Root Cutted” consists of chopped pieces of licorice root, prepared for use in the production of teas, herbal infusions, and certain medicinal products. This form of licorice is easier and more practical for various uses and can be readily steeped together with other ingredients.

Licorice Root Powder

Licorice powder, which is produced by crushing and grinding the dried roots of the licorice plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra), is a plentiful product with diverse applications. Due to its medicinal properties and flavoring capabilities, it is extensively used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Licorice Root Products

Name Organ Type of product
1 Licorice Root TBC Root Cut
2 Licorice Root 2-4mm Root Cut
3 Licorice Root 4-6mm Root Cut
4 Licorice Root 5-8mm Root Cut
5 Licorice Root 6-12mm Root Cut
6 Licorice Root Stick 7cm Root Stick
7 Licorice Root Stick 10cm Root Stick
8 Licorice Root Stick 17cm Root Stick
9 Licorice Root Powder Root powder
10 Licorice Root Extract Root Extract-powder
11 Licorice Root Extract Powder Root Extract-powder
12 Licorice Root Paste Root paste
13 Licorice Root Block Root block


شیرین بیان