Parand International Group is a globally recognized exporter specializing in high-quality nuts. With a commitment to excellence, the company sources its products from the best regions, ensuring that only the finest nuts reach their customers. They offer a diverse range of products to meet the evolving needs of the international market, constantly innovating to maintain a competitive edge. Their products are known for being fresh, flavorful, and nutrient-rich, making them a preferred choice for health-conscious consumers and culinary professionals alike. By focusing on rigorous quality control and sustainable sourcing practices, Parand International Group stands as a leader in the nuts export industry, trusted by clients worldwide for its integrity, reliability, and unparalleled product quality.

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Product Categories and Descriptions:


    • Types: Whole, Cut, Paste, Grade A, Grade B, Grade D
    • Description: High-quality pistachios with a distinct taste and texture, available in different grades to meet various culinary needs. They are low in calories, packed with antioxidants, and beneficial for heart health. The Grade A pistachios are known for their size, freshness, and taste, while Grade B and D pistachios offer versatile applications with excellent flavor.


    • Types: Whole, Cut, Paste, Wild, Debittered
    • Description: Almonds provide a rich source of nutrients beneficial for heart health and weight control. Wild almonds, available in whole, cut, paste, and debittered forms, offer unique flavors for diverse culinary uses. Almond paste is a versatile ingredient perfect for baking and confectionery.

Product List

  Name Organ Type of product
1 Pistachio Cernel Whole-Cut-paste
2 Pistachio Gride A Cernel  
3 Pistachio Gride B Cernel  
4 Pistachio Gride B Cernel  
5 Pistachio Gride D Cernel  
6 Pistachio Gride E Cernel  
7 Pistachio Gride F Cernel  
8 Pistachio Gride G Cernel  
9 Wild Pistachio Cernel  
10 Pistachio Paste Cernel  
11 Almond Cernel Whole-Cut-paste
12 Wild Almond Cernel Whole-Cut-paste-debitter
13 Wild Almond debittered Cernel  
14 Almond Paste Cernel