Industrial cooperation services

The method and time of harvesting the products is very important for Parand Aromatic Plants Company because valuable natural materials can be stored only in this way. Fresh product water is taken directly after delivery in a dryer with 5 belts or desiccant. This increases the shelf life of the product and prepares it for future processes. Sensitive products need more disinfection before processing to kill insects, larvae and other pests, so using vacuum and Co2 these pests are eliminated. Parand Aromatic Plants Company, with its expertise and modern technologies, ensures that the products offered meet the high needs of esteemed customers.

In the sorting process, metal detectors and X-ray equipment also scan goods for possible foreign objects. In the sorting process, using advanced hardware such as gravity separator, sorting based on size, color, etc. is done. Also for certain products, the goods are arranged manually.

Products are cut according to the application and size desired by customers. Parand Aromatic Plants cutting and milling machines offer a wide range of sizes.

In the mixing process (with a capacity of 20,000 liters), the products are homogenized.

Parand Aromatic Plants Company’s attention to detail means that you can always be sure that our goods are free of foreign objects, meet the specifications and are delivered homogeneously.