One of the products of mint is its essential oil, which is prepared by distilling the leaves and flowering branches of mint under the influence of water vapor and contains 50 to 70% menthol. This essential oil is used as a stomach strengthener, windbreaker, disinfectant, to relieve children’s nausea and diarrhea. To use mint essential oil, mix one to three drops with a glass of water and drink.

Healing properties of mint

* Mint is relatively hot and dry in terms of ancient Iranian medicine and is stronger than peppermint in terms of medicinal properties. Mint is used to make essential oils, oils and tinctures that have various medicinal uses.

* Mint is a windbreaker and eliminates gas in the stomach and intestines.

* Strengthens the stomach and body.

* Anti-seizure and anti-cough.

* Mint is a sedative, sedative and regularizer.

It is an effective medicine for insomnia, insomnia and nighttime discomfort.

* Using mint relieves abdominal pain.

* Mint is useful for treating colds and flu.

* Peppermint relieves nervous disorders.

* To soothe the teeth, put mint in the mouth and chew.

* Drinking mint infusion or peppermint extract stops breast bleeding.

Mint compress relieves chest and flank pain.

Mint kills intestinal and stomach worms.

* To eliminate hiccups and heartburn and vomiting, eat mint with sour pomegranate.

* Peppermint increases urination.

A warm cup of mint soothes the chest.

* To relieve colic and pain in the intestines, stomach and indigestion, drink mint brew.

* To relieve a sore throat, inhale mint and gargle.

* Mint is diaphoretic, so it lowers fever.

When you have a cold, rinse your nose with mint.

* Mint is the best friend of the liver. It cleanses the liver and dilutes bile and lowers blood cholesterol. For this, brew and drink mint before meals.

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