Savory essential oil is extracted by distillation from flowers and plants. This product is commonly used as a booster of the immune system. But the fact is that in some species of this plant there is no therapeutic ability and properties that these types of species are mixed or replaced.

Benefits of savory essential oil

Savory essential oil is one of the most important oils that has had numerous effects on people’s health and the quality of their nutrition from the past to the present. To date, due to its strong flavoring, it is mostly used as an important part in its cooking.

Here are some health benefits of savory essential oil:

1. Disinfectants

Savory essential oil is high in phenol, which defines it as a very good disinfectant. Due to the fact that this feature is one of the most popular ingredients in anti-scar creams and is also considered as an ointment for deep and superficial wounds, it is used in the treatment of burns, cuts, wounds, ulcers and even abscesses. It is worth mentioning that special companies producing toothpaste and mouthwash have also made this product an important ingredient in their products. If you have cuts on the surface of your skin, if you add 2-3 drops of this essential oil to a small bottle of 70% alcohol, you can easily prevent contamination and accelerate its healing.


Savory essential oil has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an ideal treatment for a variety of fungal infections, especially those that affect the skin. Also, many people have discovered that this oil is ideal for treating psoriasis.


If you are physically and mentally stressed, you can add essential oil to another aromatherapy, or to another essential oil such as orange oil. After inhaling the vapors of the mixed oils, you can soon feel relaxed.

Savory essential oil facts and health benefits

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