Dill oil is one of the essential oils that is extracted from the seeds, leaves or stems of the dill plant. In terms of aroma, dill seed oil has a fresh, sweet aroma and herbal aroma that blends well with the main aromas of citrus. In terms of production method, this product is extracted through distillation of dried seeds and dill.

The health benefits of dill essential oil include its properties such as antispasmodic, analgesic, digestive, antiseptic, sedative, which are as follows:

Spasms can lead to non-stop coughing, hiccups, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, seizures or epileptic seizures. In severe cases, even the patient may experience acute intestinal pain or, in some cases, breathing with coughing and hiccups. Dill essential oil soothes these spasms. It affects the nerves, muscles, intestines and respiratory system and calms spasmodic attacks and provides rapid relief.

Prevent infection

Due to its antiseptic properties, dill essential oil is effective in eliminating the infection in the attack of microbes, and in external use, it protects the skin and wounds against infection and helps them to heal quickly, for example, it can be Used diluted to rub on the scalp to protect the hair against various infections and even lice.

Facilitates digestion

Dill seeds have long been used as a medicine to facilitate digestion. This property is due to the presence of essential oils in the seeds. Dill oil stimulates the secretion of digestive juices such as gastric juice, acids and bile in the stomach to digest food. Its aroma also stimulates the salivary glands and thus helps in the initial digestion of food in the mouth.

In addition, it stimulates peristaltic bowel movements and helps swallowed food to pass through them, thus facilitating digestion and preventing conditions such as constipation.

Removes bloating

Dill essential oil can effectively control gas problems in the stomach and intestines. This not only helps to remove gas from the intestines but also prevents the formation of more gas.

Increased breast milk

This substance increases the quality of breast milk and is very useful for the overall health of the baby. Babies who are breastfed often suffer from bloating, indigestion and flatulence. Therefore, in addition to increasing milk secretion, it also helps infants in another way by absorbing the soothing and digestive properties of dill oil in milk and can indirectly help the baby to get rid of such problems. .

Reduces stomach disorders

It regulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile in the stomach and protects it from infection, as well as helping the healing process of stomach ulcers.

Heals wounds

Dill essential oil acts as a healer by helping to quickly heal wounds, both external and internal, and protecting them from infection.

skin care

Dill oil causes perspiration and as a result creates a feeling of lightness. It also helps remove excess water, salts and toxins from the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces swelling and protects the overall health of the skin.

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